Dermabrasion Treatments

Dermabrasion is a procedure intended to reduce the appearance of fine and deep wrinkles and uneven skin surfaces that result from scarring by accidents or previous surgery, or to smooth out fine facial wrinkles, such as those around the mouth.  Dermabrasion has also been found to be useful in the removal of pre-cancerous growths called keratoses.

Am I a good candidate for Dermabrasion?

One or more of the following may indicate you are a good candidate for Dermabrasion;

  • Skin is sun-damaged
  • Hyper pigmentation
  • Inactive acne scars
  • Scars from surgeries or injuries that have healed
  • Wrinkles and fine facial lines

How does Dermabrasion work?

Dermabrasion is a procedure in which the surface of the epidermis of the skin is removed to reveal a new layer of skin to reveal a smoother and refreshed facial appearance.  The procedure can be preformed on small sections of skin or the entire face or in concurrence with other procedures.

What is the recovery process for Dermabrasion?

The typical recovery time for a dermabrasion procedure is usually around two weeks. Patients should be able to return to normal activity such as work around the same time but hold off on demanding activities for an additional two to four weeks. Patients should also use sunscreen when in the sun for at least six months following this procedure.